Why Not To Drop Yours Hard Drive!

Why Not To Drop Yours Hard Drive!

Why Not To Drop Yours Hard Drive!

It is common knowledge that electronic gadgets and tools should not be dropped. The consequences are always negative, and this applies to your external hard drives too. Dropping them can cause a failure which will, in turn, lead you to carry out data recovery to recover stored files

Although external hard drives happen to come with materials that make them more resistant to the effects of being dropped and knocked about, it is no indication that they have total immunity. Dropping or knocking them about could lead to a head crash. Other actions which can render your external hard drive bad include electrical surges and reformatting as well as water damage and depreciation.

If you experience a damaged external hard drive, you need to first determine what caused the problem before going ahead to carry out file recovery.

Software won’t help

Software recovery only works for logically related issues that occur on your external hard drive which means that data recovery for issues related to physical damage may not work with software. If you dropped your hard drive, then, a software simply will not work even in the cases of water damage or electrical surges.

The only time that you should trust Data recovery software is if the damage done to your external hard drive is really related to the software so that you do not end up reformatting and creating issues when it comes to recovering the data. A lot of free data recovery software is available on the internet, but you should take care to avoid complicating the issues even more.

DIY methods are not advised

A lot of persons usually get tempted into applying their own personal methods to get their external hard drive working again after they have dropped it. They might apply DIY strategies just to determine what the issue is. Doing this can simply complicate the problem and make it even more difficult for an expert to effectively recover your hard drive data. Do not apply methods such as circuit board swaps, dropping your hard drive again, freezing, etc. just to get your hard drive working again. All of these methods might end up incapacitating your external hard drive thereby making data recovery difficult.

One other action that you should not take is to try to open your hard drive’s protective case. Only the experts have the right training to open up your device in a way that preserves it in order to avoid contamination and damaging of the platters as well as components. 

The right thing to do

No matter how bad your external hard drive looks after being dropped, do not conclude that there is no way data recovery is possible. All the possible avenues have to be checked to determine the right solution that can get your files recovered. The experts can help you to do all of that work and will provide the right suggestions and steps to ensure that all possibilities are explored to get back all of your valuable files as well as sensitive data. 

Ensure that you hire a professional who has the right training and expertise to take a look at your external hard drive after you have dropped it in order to get your files retrieved. We have the experience and knowledge needed to carry out external hard drive data recovery while providing solutions to other related issues. If you dropped your hard drive and are looking for a solution, simply reach out to us, and we will take you through the steps needed to recover your data.

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