Why Encryption Makes Data Recovery Difficult

Why Encryption Makes Data Recovery Difficult

Why Encryption Makes Data Recovery Difficult 

It is not surprising that with all the concern about protecting information on computer systems that encryption software has become so popular. While there are definite advantages to encrypting the information on your computers, the downside is that the same software makes data recovery more difficult. This means if the hard drive breaks down, the chances of getting your information back becomes that much harder when it is encrypted. 

How Encryption Works

Put simply, encrypting data means disguising it so that only those with the right password or code can read the information. There are many advantages to encryption starting with the fact that it is relatively easy to do, covers all the files on your computer, and is quite difficult to overcome. This means that it provides a cost-efficient means of protecting your data when it is stolen. 

However, encryption does more than simply disguise, it also alters the data itself. This presents issues when something goes wrong with the hard drive and data recovery is necessary. Without the proper password, code, or key file, your information will be unreadable when recovered if it has been encrypted. This applies to data that is stored on a hard drive, USB, or other storage device. 

Automatic Encryption

Today, many hard drives along with SSDs or solid-state drives include self-encrypting devices known as SEDs. This means that inside the devices are control chips that automatically encrypt the data as it is being stored. While this provides you with an automated encrypting device that you do not have to apply yourself, it also means that SSDs come with no methods to decrypt the information. 

So, if something were to happen to the device, such as being dropped, infected, or impacted which causes it to fail, all the information that has been encrypted inside may very well be lost. This can be catastrophic for businesses that rely on having their information at the ready. So, you will need to take steps to ensure that your data is available in case the worst should occur. 

How to Protect Your Data

If your work involves sensitive financial or personal information, you may need to encrypt the data for protection. If you do, then you will need to take the following steps to ensure that the information is still available if something happens to the device.

Regularly back up the data

Keep the key file in a secure location 

All passwords and usernames need to be protected 

Avoid SEDs, instead use encryption software 

By doing the following, you can ensure that the data is still available even when the original information is lost. 

Is Data Recovery Possible?

The answer is yes when you use the right recovery services. We offer professional data recovery services that can retrieve encrypted data from sources such as the following;






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