RAID Recovery,What Is A RAID 10

RAID Recovery,What Is A RAID 10

RAID Recovery,What Is A RAID 10

It does not really matter what you do or who you are now, the truth is that we all need data to survive. With the ICT wave currently sweeping across almost every aspect of human life and endeavors in the 21st century, the importance of data and information to our everyday lives and activities have skyrocketed. In fact, you wouldn’t be too far from the truth if you say that data is the new oxygen.

In line with the popularity of data and its importance to our everyday activities in modern days, data security has become a very crucial subject in the ICT world, leading to quite a number of technological advancements and developments, among which is the RAID 10. 

What Is RAID 10 

For starters, RAID is an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. RAID is a method of information storage where information is stored on multiple hard disks to ensure greater protection and performance of the stored data. 

This type of information storage technology was developed with the major intention to ensure maximum data safety and also to accommodate much more data. 

The RAID information storage technology has several various storage drives, named based on levels that are numbered from level 0 to level 9. In some cases, however, two different level numbers are combined to get a 2 digit level of RAID.

This is the case of RAID 10, which is a combination of the levels 1 (for mirroring) and levels 0 (for striping). This explains why it is also sometimes referred to as RAID 1 + 0. 

RAID 10 because it is a 2 digit level RAID, functions better than most other levels of the RAID storage system. 

Why You Should Choose RAID 10 

Because the RAID 10 storage system combines a two-digit level of RAID ( i.e level 1 and level 0), it has become faster and resilient at the same time than most other storage systems. Plus, it optimizes the security of your data so you dont need RAID recovery, to be of higher premium quality. The mirroring functionality of the storage system allows for the duplication of your data. Such that the chances of losing them become slimmer.

If you really care for your data and do not want to just lose them, you definitely should consider using the RAID 10 storage system but that doesn’t mean you wont need RAID recovery so always backup your data.

What’s more? It is also quite inexpensive.

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