RAID Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery

RAID is a data storage system that is widely considered to be a foolproof option for safe and reliable data storage. Many users believe that with a RAID system in place, they cannot experience data loss or system failure, but unfortunately, this is a mistaken belief. While RAID data storage offers a higher level of reliability and safety, it is also capable of malfunctioning and experiencing issues.

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A RAID system, by definition, combines multiple physical disk drive components into one memory storage device, so that if one disk fails, the other units are still working and serve as an automatic backup system. However, there are circumstances where all of the enclosed disks can fail at once. Additionally, even if only one of the disks does fail, the RAID system should be examined by a professional to repair the problem and prevent further damage from occurring.

RAID failure may occur with regard to:

-Overheating, electrical surges, power failure

-Physical impact or mistreatment

-Water damage, fire damage or other natural disaster

-Contamination of media surface

-RAID controller corruption

-Software damage which affects the data storage, such as viruses, file corruption, reformatting issues and more

-Other problems

It is important to keep in mind that some of the above issues are preventable with knowledgeable treatment of your RAID system, regular maintenance and minimizing human errors. You can care for your RAID storage system on a regular basis by running software security systems, keeping your data storage device in a safe place and storing your data in a second, backup location, in addition to the RAID system.

Getting to Know RAID Storage

RAID, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a data storage system that combines multiple disks into one storage unit in order to improve device performance and increase memory storage reliability. There are numerous levels of RAID machinery, each of which is demarcated by a number, where the higher the number, the greater the capacity of the device. RAID levels begin at 0; a RAID level 1 and higher provides protection against unrecoverable sector read errors and failure of whole physical drives. It is therefore uncommon to find malfunction with a RAID unit higher than 0.

While any disk drive is susceptible to failure, and therefore, multiple disk drives are susceptible to multiple failures, the RAID system is configured so that should one disk fail, the other components can accommodate for that malfunction.

A RAID Data Recovery system is built in a different way than other, more typical data storage devices and therefore, needs the experience of a professional trained in RAID units when it is not working. At Data Recovery 47, our experienced team is knowledgeable in RAID systems and can restore your device to full capacity today.