How to Properly Handle and Store a Hard Drive

How to Properly Handle and Store a Hard Drive

How to Properly Handle and Store a Hard Drive, Hard Drive Care

Your hard drive stores a considerable amount of information, but it is not invulnerable, so you will need to take measures that ensure its protection so hard drive care is crucial. This means that each time you purchase a new hard drive, you’ll need to take some basic steps to minimize issues that otherwise might affect its performance.
Basic Protection
There are two types of potential damage present with all hard drives, impacts and electrical discharges. The discharge of static electricity can burn out much of your hard drive, so you’ll need to take basic steps in handling. This starts by discharging any potential static buildup before handling a drive, such as touching grounded metal. Low-humidity rooms with carpeting creates an environment for static electricity, so be sure you take the proper steps in handling the drive. Anti-static mats are a good place to start.
As for impacts, the simple answer is do not drop the drive which may be easier said that done. Instead, be sure to put the drive in a protective case or be mindful where it is located and how it is to be moved before you start.
Hard drive care

The first step is to label your hard drives, so that you know the purchase date, when the warranty expires, and the volume name for categorization. Once you have labeled the drive, you can then put it inside a safe storage place.
ESD: Each drive that is being stored should be in an ESD-protected area, starting with an antistatic metallic bag which is simple, cheap, and effective against static electricity.
Padding: Once you have protected the drive from static electricity, you’ll need to add some padding for impact protection. Padded cases, old camera bags, or good old-fashioned foam will work nicely to keep the drive from being affected by hard impacts.
Transportation: If you are going to move the drives from one location to another, you’ll need some type of transportation bag that offers considerable padding to protect each drive. You can still use the antistatic metallic bags to wrap the individual drives while placing them in a larger, padded bag. A hard-plastic case is another option as it can absorb much of the impact while still allowing for protection against static buildup.
Whatever form of protection you choose, be sure it is one that minimizes both static electricity buildup and damage from impacts. The good news is that the combination of protective elements can be inexpensive if you search for the right products. Also, a little extra care can go a long way in keeping your hard drives safe.

Formatting or placing zeros on all data using the formatting tools available will ensure that you have gone through the entire drive and any bad sectors are identified and labeled as off-limits to your data in hard drive care. Be sure that you can access the SMART data for your hard drive and check its health before you start using it for storage. You’ll want to know about any questionable area in the drive before you start moving information to it.


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