Data Recovery Philadelphia And The Cost For Clean Room Recovery.

Data Recovery Philadelphia And The Cost For Clean Room Recovery.

Why is a Clean Room Needed for Data Recovery Philadelphia and the cost?

One of the essential elements of professional data recovery Philadelphia companies is having a certified clean room to retrieve data from hard drives. There are good reasons why a data recovery company uses a clean room to open and work on hard drive systems for their residential and business customers and clients. For those who are seeking the services of a professional data recovery company, having a certified clean room should be on the list. 

A clean room is needed because the platters inside the hard drive are highly susceptible to collecting dust and other airborne particles. Such particles will make recovering the data on the hard drive even more difficult to do. This means that the room or work area needs to have strict environmental controls that include the right air filters, proper ventilation, high-quality HVAC unit, and trained personnel with the proper equipment to ensure the room stays clean. 

How is a Clean Room Certified?

It is not easy to have a room or workstation certified as a clean area. This means to obtain certification the area must meet the following standards;

70-degree F temperature

50% Humidity

Fewer than 100 0.5 micron or larger particles per cubic foot of air space 

When a room meets such standards, it will receive a Class 100 or ISO Class 5 certification from the proper authorities. Once certified, it means that the room meets the highest standards for being clean and allowing work to be performed on hard drive and other delicate systems. In your search for the right professional data recovery Philadelphia services, a certified clean room is essential. 

Creating Your Own Clean Room

For residents and business owners who want to retrieve data from their own hard drives without using a professional service. Creating a clean room may not seem at first to be so difficult. After all, there are many articles on the internet that demonstrate seemingly good techniques that can clean a room of unwanted air particles. 

However, it takes considerably more than changing the filters on your HVAC unit or running the shower for 20 minutes to free a room of unwanted air particles. It takes professional air filters designed to remove particles that are 0.5 microns. It also takes the right HVAC unit for proper temperature and humidity control. Plus, wearing the right shoe coverings and gowns that minimize the infiltration of dust from other locations. 

The proper procedures combined with the right equipment is what makes a room clean enough to allow for hard drives to be opened safely. That is difficult to achieve in a residence or business that does not specialize in having such rooms on their premises. 

If you are looking for the right data recovery Philadelphia services that can retrieve trapped information from your computer or device. Then you must find one that offers a certified clean room which allows for hard drives to be worked on in a safe environment. 

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